About Our Founder

Juanita (Jeanie) Sanchez

Devoted Affordable Housing Advocate

About Our Founder

I have over 20 years of experience in all facets of affordable housing compliance. From onsite leasing to owner, I’ve seen it all.

I have over 20 years of experience in all facets of affordable housing compliance. From onsite leasing to owner, I’ve seen it all. My hands-on 20 years of experience as an affordable housing tenant combined with my professional designations and first-hand knowledge allow me to deliver a broad range of knowledgeable, thorough, and compassionate compliance services unlike anyone else in Texas.

From Frustrated Affordable Housing Tenant to Devoted Advocate

My journey into compliance consulting really began in the mid-90s as a young mother of two in San Jose, California. As I navigated the convoluted process of applying for and obtaining affordable housing, I immediately knew there had to be a better way.

Juanita (Jeanie) Sanchez

Juanita (Jeanie) Sanchez

Compliance Professional, Principal Consultant

Why did I need to answer so many unnecessary questions? Why did the process take so long for people in desperate need of a roof over their heads? Why did I have to do everything short of sign away my first-born child to get approved for a place to live?

I couldn’t believe that most apartment communities got away with increasing rents by $300 or $400 each month. Meanwhile, affordable housing dwindled for folks who relied on it. People seeking an affordable place to live in the few communities left were pushed into less desirable areas of the city.

Going through this process was all it took to reshape my career path. I’ve been on a mission to bring compassion and realistic change to the affordable housing compliance industry ever since.

Living an Abundant Life Through the Affordable Housing Compliance Field

I’ve taken my fair share of leaps of faith throughout my life and career – some doors closed and others opened. A major leap and plenty of prayers got me to where I’m at today when I flew to Colorado to meet with an old colleague to discuss starting my own business.

People told me I was crazy but I just kept praying. 30 days later, I found myself putting in my three-week notice and opening up shop.

Today, I’m able to live an abundant life satisfied with the fruits of my labor, constantly learning, and always evolving. My philosophy is that we must be 100% present through all aspects of life: both the pleasant blessings and the ugly tests of character.

Why Should You Choose Sanchez Compliance & Consulting?

My multi-state experience working for non-profit organizations, private companies, and state agencies in Colorado, California, and Texas combined with ongoing training means that I’m familiar with all the finer details of the compliance consulting industry.

I was fortunate enough to gain plenty of hands-on experience while working for the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs (TDHCA). Through this position, I learned plenty about local housing compliance and regulations. This thorough understanding of the regulations allows me to provide the highest quality consulting services.

My 20 years of experience has helped me forge professional relationships and earn the respect of several industry associations. This allowed me to obtain trustworthy professional designations from the following organizations.

  • Housing Credit Certified Professional (HCCP)
  • Certified Occupancy Specialist (COS)
  • National Compliance Professionals (NCP-E)

As a small company, we’re happy to bring a personalized approach to the consulting industry. We want to empower our clients. At Sanchez, we’ll work together with you to get your files reviewed and approved. It’s a true learning experience for everyone – we want to share the knowledge.

Do you need help with any aspect of affordable housing compliance? Browse our broad menu of services or call Sanchez Compliance & Consulting today to figure out how we can complete the task together.

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